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Art Exhibits on display at Noise Pop Culture Club

Isotope Comics presents
Vinyl Dreams:
Comic Art On Record Sleeves Gallery

Vinyl Dreams
Celebrating the cross-pollination of music, art and the creative spirit, Public Works Gallery hosts a unique art installation of original comic-inspired record album covers created for, and inspired by, Noise Pop attendees. Our two-day celebration spotlights these fresh analog works by some of the most exciting outsider artists in the Bay Area and beyond.

Isotope Comics

Future Sounds
Monica Canilao & Jason Jaworski

Future Sounds is a collaboration between artists Monica Canilao and Jason Jaworski, consisting of an on-site installation created by Monica Canilao and a performance within the space by Jason Jaworski. Culled from found objects, ephemera and other bits of houses long fallen, Canilao’s shack installation activates the dreams of all who look upon it; the roof bleeds colors of every possible outcome a path will take you once you step out of these four walls. In a performance within the installation, Jason Jaworski, dressed in a costume spilling out of the entrance, will be delivering fortunes and the prose of a person's future on a typewriter to any who enter and inquire. /

Waste = Art
Winslow Warren

Winslow uses commonly discarded materials to create fractal works of art and furniture. The idea is to emphasize the impact and scope of the waste we generate daily; to understand the nature, beauty and value of the materials; to illustrate that as in nature waste = food. In this case, commonly discarded materials are the food/medium for art. The installations being created over the two days will include display tables for use by the vendors, a large hanging tapestry assembled in place, and interactive digital projections. Take home a piece of Winslow’s art…

Jeremy Rourke Loves
Jeremy Rourke loves images of San Francisco. He loves 19th century fish and the once-dreamed-of-but-never-flown flying machines. He loves friends climbing through his window. He loves himself in a tiny old little paper coat and hat flying up Lincoln Way. He uses these images for his stop motion movies. On Saturday he will show you what he means and is hoping to get an image of you as a character for his next movie.