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  • Saturday, February 26, 2011
  • Rebar: Urban Transformation and Reclaiming Your City
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
  • Main Stage

All cities contain voids, loopholes, and niche spaces: pockets of unscripted wilderness that can be explored for their creative potential. Join Matthew Passmore, cofounder and principal of Rebar, for a brief overview of Rebar’s work followed by a workshop that invites participants to bring a photograph or description of a niche space from their own environment, whether urban, suburban, or rural. We will collectively brainstorm ways to occupy these niches in ways that fulfil unmet social needs and improve the quality of our shared habitat.

This will be a hands-on workshop of drawing, thinking, and discussion.


Rebar is an interdisciplinary art and design studio based in San Francisco. Best known as the originators of “PARK(ing) Day”—an annual global event where citizens and artists transform metered parking spaces into temporary public places—Rebar has created public art interventions and design projects around the globe. Rebar remixes the ordinary, repurposes the ubiquitous and restructures the fabric of the urban environment by exposing hidden assumptions and shared meanings embedded in the everyday experience of the built world. Recent exhibitions include projects at SmartCity Paris, the Venice Architecture Biennale, ExperimentaDesign Amsterdam, ISEA 2009 Dublin, the American Institute of Architect and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.