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The Masses
  • Saturday, February 26, 2011
  • The Masses: Directors in conversation & screenings of their latest works
  • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
  • Main Stage

The Masses directors Matt Amato, Abram Pineda-Fischer, and Alex Pelly will show their latest work and discuss their process in creating videos for Sister Crayon, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes and Javelin’s ‘VisonVersion.’


The Masses is a collaboration of directors and artists united by a passion for music and driven by unique and diverse cinematic visions. Their goal is to connect with the audience, inspire the crowd, and function as a factory of ideas without losing the ideal. Within the intersection of art and commerce, they find the message and deliver it to ‘the masses’ by the most powerful, visionary and authentic means possible, be it film, music, advertising, or multi-platform content. “We are all connected. We, the consumers. We, the creators. The Masses creates for the fundamental spirit in all of us.

The Masses Lab was created to bring new directors great music courtesy of Manimal Vinyl, an art-rock label in Los Angeles. The first offering of the Masses Lab is the stunning new video for the band, Sister Crayon (performing at Noise Pop on Wednesday, Feb 23rd at Rickshaw Stop).

The Masses directors on hand are Matt Amato, Abram Pineda-Fischer, Alex Pelly who will show their latest work and discuss the process in creating it and later in the day do a workshop on shooting vids with ‘toy’s which in this case is the Harinezumi camera.

Matt Amato: Los Angeles based filmmaker and founding member of The Masses, is a prolific visual dramatist known for his works with the likes of Bon Iver, Dido, Beach House, The Dodos, Bowerbirds, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. His work with the Harinzumi camera has been featured in exhibits at the New Museum in NYC, Tokyo, Singapore and Paris alongside such artists as Jonas Mekas, Albert Maysles, Harmony Korine, Miranda July, Ed Templeton and Mark Borthwick. In 2011, Amato and Harinezumi are planning for a collective show in Los Angeles.

Abram Pineda-Fischer was born in Leon, Nicaragua and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in film at Art Center College of Design. Recently he was asked by Matt Amato to become a director with The Masses Lab, where he has delivered his first music video through the company for Sister Crayon’s new single “I’m still the same person.” Currently Abram is writing his first feature film, Solrac.

Alex Pelly has been working with The Masses as an editor and post production coordinator for two years, and is now developing her directing career as part of The Masses Lab. Alex is also video manager at dublab, where she organizes and curates video screenings including dublab’s Labrat Matinees and produces video projects such as VisionVersions. As a VJ, she provides visual projections for concerts and parties, recent events including KCRW’s Halloween Masquerade, and The Eagle Rock Music Festival.