Culture Club

The Noise Pop Culture Club takes the Noise Pop experience and brings it all into one location over two very special days. The Culture Club brings together creative individuals from the community and beyond to participate in a series of exciting presentations on independent culture in its many forms. In addition to the talks there are plenty of hands on experiences and opportunities for participants to delve into their personal creativity. Pop ‘n’ Shop, our local designer fair, will also be a part of this very special weekend.

Confirmed Speakers and organizations include:
Kid Koala, No Age, Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), DJ Nickodemus, John Wesley Harding, Flavorpill, Isotope Comics, Cinemasports, The Masses, Rebar, Jason Jagel, Yak Films, Turf Feinz and many more.

Schedule below—more being added, stay tuned!*

*Schedule and participants subject to change

Art Exhibits on display at Noise Pop Culture Club...more»


Recording Association Litquake Hear It Local CCA Show Theory

Seaweed Sway KQED

Fantasy Studios at Culture Club

Fantasy Studios is going to be bringing their studio gear, the Auto-Tune and some freshly-cut beats so you can record an outgoing voicemail message directly onto your smartphone. If you've hit a mental creativity block, think T-Pain! "Sorry I missed your call... blame it on the alcohol."

The Culture Club is a new kind of arts and culture event that celebrates the work of visionary and cutting edge artists, as well as facilitating the discussion of new ideas and collaborations with the audience. NPCC is simply about inspiration and the DIY indie spirit. It’s also very much about the process—in creating, in exploring, in sharing and that’s what we will collectively experience together over these two days.

Very! it's a unique opportunity to join in hands-on workshops and sessions of the creative process and learn directly from the artists, or sit back and enjoy inspired talks by and conversations with artists and other culture creators. We also encourage you to get your sustainable crafting on at the Noise Pop Shop!

Essentially a whole load of inspiration and the tools to continue “doing it for yourself” and successfully make a difference and impact in this exciting new spirited cultural arena.

Like minded DIY spirited artists, performers, culture creators, fans and the curious.