Young Prisms, Big Light

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Young Prisms

Big Light

Seventeen Evergreen, Rachel Fannan (former Sleepy Sun), Dj Britt Govea

Fri, February 25, 2011

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


San Francisco, CA


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Young Prisms
Young Prisms
If ‘slacker’ means ‘purveyor of angst-ridden badass psychedelic rock,’ then the Young Prisms qualify. Five such slackers comprise this band: Jason Hendardy, Jordan Silbert, Matt Allen, Stef Hodapp, and Gio Betteo. Silbert is the old man, at twenty-four, and all five recently dropped out of various unsatisfying academic situations—Hendardy from a media arts program at California College of the Arts, Jordan from a behavior analysis master’s track in Fresno, and Stef, Matt, and Gio from a Bay Area community college.

What they did instead is they moved into a roach infested apartment in San Francisco’s Mission District and started pumping out dark, driving rhythms overlaid with melodies that pulse and build and then break over you. It’s some of the best stuff coming out of a city exploding with brilliant new music. The group’s lyrics are laced with a kind of nonchalance (I’m thinking of one song off the new LP called “If You Want To,” as in “whatevs”) that devolves quickly into a grim, passionate poetry part My Bloody Valentine, part Sonic Youth, part Charles Bukowski, part some kind of uncategorizable sparkly ecstasy. Whoa.

So consider this a warning issued with an inviting grin: this music will make you want to drop acid and become a recluse. Or it will make you even less excited to work your shitty day job. Or it will make you jump up and down in a dark crowded room while your eardrums bleed. Or it will make you feel something secret like happiness, minus any sentimental whimsicality. Or it will make you want to read Sarte, or graphic comic books, or maybe Hunter Thompson. And in one hundred years when people want to know what it felt like to be young on the West Coast in the early new millennium, they might just put on this record, by these rising kings (and queen) of Psychedelic Slackerdom.
Big Light
Big Light
San Francisco-based rock band BIG LIGHT first emerged circa 2007 as a vehicle for aspiring singer/songwriter/guitarist Fred Torphy to get his songs into the world. The band would spend the next three years developing their sound and performing around the West Coast relentlessly. Now hailed as one of the fiercest young rock bands in the Bay Area with a growing national buzz, BIG LIGHT delivers its debut full-length album, ANIMALS IN BLOOM.

As the story goes, Torphy was inspired by his generation's wave of great American rock groups, including My Morning Jacket, The Slip, Dr. Dog and Wilco. Joining forces with drummer Bradly Bifulco, they were determined to form a band that would follow in those footsteps. More than specific stylistic similarities, they sought to find players who shared a mindset. “We’re always looking to keep things as sonically interesting as possible, but it all needs to come back to serve the song,” says Torphy.

On the strength of that vision, Torphy and Bifulco were able to recruit bass player Steve Adams, who added instant recognition and legitimacy to the early line-up. A fixture in the Bay Area music scene and founding member of pop/rock jam stars ALO, Adams was offered the opportunity to flex his rock & roll muscles in BIG LIGHT. “I’m definitely turning my amp up and using more fuzz” says Adams. “One thing I really love about BIG LIGHT is its true garage rock sound. It's gritty in all the right ways."

Proving there’s little question that timing and luck can be a factor in success, BIG LIGHT became a beneficiary of both in 2008 when guitarist Jeremy Korpas needed a place to crash and landed on Torphy’s couch. A friend of a friend, Korpas didn’t join the band immediately. However, his first official show with the band on May 13, 2009 at San Francisco’s Make Out Room was a turning point, solidifying BIG LIGHT as it's known today.

With the pieces firmly in place BIG LIGHT quickly climbed the S.F. club circuit, going from bar gigs like Bottom of the Hill to headlining The Independent to playing support at the legendary Fillmore; they’ve shared bills with Spoon, Broken Social Scene, The Mother Hips, Dead Confederate, Everest and Howlin’ Rain to name a few. A hit on the festival circuit as well, BIG LIGHT has already performed at Outside Lands, Noise Pop, Wanderlust and the High Sierra Music Festival.

With its debut album, ANIMALS IN BLOOM, BIG LIGHT has crafted a record that is catchy enough to land on the radio, but adventurous enough to engage those who refuse to listen to it. A guitar-rock album at heart, BIG LIGHT took ten of its best songs and used the studio to experiment, in some cases changing tracks drastically. Headphone junkies and audiophiles themselves, the band created a true “listening experience” that never feels fake or dishonest. They recruited friends to expand the arrangements where needed, including Umphrey’s McGee's Joel Cummins on keyboards and ALO’s Dan Lebowitz on pedal steel. The band was assisted in the album’s production by Apollo Sunshine drummer, Jeremy Black.

What this band has achieved in less than one year with the current, definitive lineup is remarkable. Some artists struggle for years and never see this level of success. Listening to the new album and watching the band evolve at such a rapid rate onstage, one gets the feeling that BIG LIGHT is poised to get a lot bigger.
Rachel Fannan (former Sleepy Sun)
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628 Divisidero St
San Francisco, CA, 94117