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Noise That Matters
  • Saturday, February 26, 2011
  • Noise That Matters: Inspired Talks with: CMAC, Fifty24SF Gallery, Juxtapoz, Brent Hoff, Drew Bennett w/ Birds & Batteries and Geographer
  • 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Upstairs Stage

CMACIn 2010, San Francisco saw a surge of anti-nightlife sentiment in both the public and political arena‚Äôs that threatened many our clubs as well as the nightlife scene that we all know and love. The California Music and Culture Association (CMAC) was formed to counter such forces and has now become the voice of the Industry. Meet three of the founding Board Members, Deborah Jackman, General Manager of the Mezzanine and Guy Carson, owner of the Café DuNord and Terrance Alan, Founding Member of the Entertainment Commission to hear what you can do to help keep San Francisco’s culture vibrant and diverse.

Drew Bennett in conversation with Birds & Batteries and Geographer

Birds & BatteriesMike Sempert is the songwriter and band-leader of Birds & Batteries. The band has released several albums and played hundreds of shows around the United States over the past five years. In addition to Noise Pop, Birds & Batteries will be returning to SXSW, Mission Creek Music Festival in Iowa City, 35Conferette in TX and Foburg Festival in New Orleans.

Drew Bennett has been making paintings, installations, and furniture in San Francisco for six years. Whatever medium, Drew is always looking to integrate his aesthetic into a collaborative endeavor. Always designing and building for a specific space, whether that be album cover or physical social place. Birds and Batteries and Geographer are two of Drew’s most exciting and long standing music/art collaborators. Most of Drew’s 2011 is dedicated to the production of a few large scale outdoor social sculptures and a new body of paintings.



Brent Hoff is the editor and co-founder of Wholphin DVD where he films drunk bees, crying competitions, and illegal trans-border volleyball matches. Before that he authored Mapping Epidemics, a book on pandemic disease transmission, made TV at The Daily Show, VH1, and Nickelodeon, and wrote articles about squid. He has four feature film scripts in pre-production including one on the Last days of Old Dirty Bastard. He hopes that one of them actually gets made someday.

WholphinWholphin is a quarterly DVD magazine published by McSweeney”s, lovingly encoded with unique and ponderable films designed to make you feel the way we felt when we learned that dolphins and whales sometimes do it. IFC describes Wholphin as “…the most relentlessly fascinating and inventive showcase for new short films in the country.”

Keeping Art Organic
A conversation between Evan Pricco from Juxtapoz Magazine, Amanda Krampf from FIFTY24SF Gallery, Photographer Joshua Blank and Artist Augustus Thompson.



Joshua Blank

Augustus Thompson