Culture Club

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  • Sunday, February 27, 2011
  • DIY and Design Takeover with Kelly Malone
  • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Upstairs Stage

In this discussion, we meet the leaders in SF’s design and DIY community. The pioneers who have taken a rad idea or their passion and made it into a fun, sustainable livlihood. We'll talk about getting started, hear their stories, how to creatively grow a business in a crappy economy and share some funny and embarassing stories. Hosted by Kelly Malone of Indie Mart and Workshop SF with guests including Christian and Andy of San Franpsycho, Silvi from the Poetry Store, and more.


Kelly Malone
Kelly Malone - Owner & Founder of Workshop SF & The Indie Mart. Lover of all things DIY and SF. Kelly started her businesses underground, without funding and with nothing but ideas and some kick ass attitude. When Kelly isnt sewing, screenprinting, building or throwing parties, she's usually nerding out a metal shows or artshows around town.

San Franpsycho
Andy grew up surfing Ocean Beach San Francisco. One of his first jobs was in retail at a local surf shop called Wise Surfboards, but soon after found himself as a teacher at Sunset Nursery School. He's worked there for the past 9 years and over the past two and a half years he's been building the brand San Franpsycho.

Originally from Ventura County working at a surf shop, Christian went to college at SFSU. While in school he studied filmmaking. He made a couple of surf films and other small projects. While supplementing his passion he's worked in sales for restaurant, bar, and home financing. Besides helping to grow San Franpsycho, he bar-tends at Columbus Cafe in North Beach.

The Poetry Store
Silvi Alcivar, The Poetry Store poet, types all her poems on demand, about any subject of your choosing, in three minutes or less, with no editing or revision. Her poetry lives in the moment two strangers meet over her red royal typewriter--the anonymity an invitation to speak, the typewriter keys a willing listener. Silvi uses the same of-the-moment process to create poetry art pieces and jewelry, allowing images on the page to speak inspiration for the poems that will accompany them. All work produced by The Poetry Store is one-of-a-kind and often repurposes found images and frames, as well as uses original artwork from the poet herself or other artists. In The Poetry Store's latest collaboration with Bug Under Glass, sustainably farmed butterflies and poems meet, making a 3-D world of words, helping the artist continue to explore her fascinationwith flight and wings.