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  • Thursday, February 24, 2011
  • Amoeba Records presents
  • Amoeba Music Home Grown Spotlight
  • 5:00 PM, Free

Amoeba Music’s Home Grown Independent Artist Program supports the independent spirit by highlighting independent music championed by its employees.

Judgement Day - After 8 years of shredding as an ear-shattering metal trio, Judgement Day have decided to ditch their crashing cymbals and psychedelic pedals for a whole new sound. The band recently announced that their upcoming 3rd record will be totally acoustic violin and cello with paint buckets and other knick knacks for drums. What does acoustic string metal sound like? It's a good bet to say that the only way to find out right now is to come to this show.

Street Eaters - Street Eaters jam econo having no use for a six-string guitar. They also play in other bands such as Fleshies, Wild Assumptions, Triclops!, Harbinger, Master Volume, Neverending Party, Before The Fall, etc. Both Megan and John agree that the two-piece, uncompromising dynamic of Street Eaters makes for their purest musical and lyrical output yet. Both Megan March and Johnny Geek, equal parts of Street Eaters, were born in Oakland, raised in the East Bay, and came of age in the Gilman/Geekfest/Mission Records world. At times you get a glimpse of that East Bay on their records, but the sound more teeters back and forth from bellowed call and response vocals alongside blown out driving to a halt bass and drums to shared pop punk melodies and immediacy. Street Eaters’ lyrics, written cooperatively by Megan and John, serve as a platform for struggles with alienation and political issues, both personal and societal.

Bam!Bam! - Bam!Bam! is the East Bay duo of Chloe Turan from Stiletta, and Zola Goodrich from Make Me and Boyskout. The two play a unique brand of tweeish punkish music that is inspired by early 90’s riot grrrl bands like The Frumpies, and Slant 6. The band is offering a free download on their Bandcamp site.