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  • Saturday, February 26, 2011
  • Amoeba Records presents
  • The Fourth Annual Amoeba Music Art Show Closing Reception
  • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Free

Closing Reception for Amoeba Artists and Staff. Open to the Public from 6pm-10pm. Come celebrate our Fourth Annual Art Show with us!

Amoeba Music Art Show - February 23–27

For the week of Noise Pop, Gallery Fifty 24 SF will be curated by Amoeba Music. For our fourth annual art show we will be featuring works from over 20 representatives from our San Francisco and Berkeley locations. The creativity and diversity of the accomplished Amoebites knows no bounds.

Participating artists include:

Lori Katz
I have always been interested in representing nature in my work, both its elements of pure beauty and nature as process. I work the surfaces of my paintings by layering and removing paint so that it mimics the growth and decay that breaths life into our natural surroundings. The surfaces build a sense of space, place, and history. The backgrounds are made up of several layers of images that are found in textiles, scientific botanical drawings, stencils, and other appropriated images of plants and flowers. My (recent) work expands on my interest in patterns in nature by looking at the patterns and habits we develop in childhood.

Billy Sprague Billy Sprague is an Oakland based multi-media artist. Current explorations include smoke-like surreal creatures delicately shaded with graphite on vintage or stained paper. These smaller experimental works have recently been getting reproduced as large colorful wall murals in urban and gallery settings. Sprague uses discarded brightly colored house paints and india ink to materialize these intestinal alien forms, which sometime include reel to reel tape loop or other sound devices within them. Sprague has shown his work recently in Berlin, Los Angeles, and at Oakland's Fort Gallery.